Turning Japanese…

Japan is becoming a popular destination now for a lot of people from my country. I fell in love with this place in 2008 when I first set foot in Osaka. Not only are the people polite but their culture in itself is interesting.  Never mind that you’ ll get “lost in translation” along the way for there are so many things to discover in this country. With the gorgeous Sakura or Cherry Blossoms during spring time, shrine visits, food trips and shopping, your trip will be worth it. If you are planning to visit Japan, I recommend going to Osaka and Kyoto first before discovering Tokyo. Osaka is a big city too but I find it more laid back than Tokyo and easier on the pocket for budget travelers like me and my family. He,he,he…



Seriously, if you have the means (and even if you don’t), I strongly suggest you save some money and find time to visit this awesome country. You will enjoy it and would definitely want to go back even when you are still there!


the traveling KANGaroo

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