Arriving in Kansai…

There are many ways to travel from Kansai Airport to the city. It’s too expensive to go by taxi and so the alternative and cheaper way is by bus or train. On our first time, we rode the bus because our hotel in Umeda area was near the final stop. It cost us around ¥1500 per person (adult) and about half of that amount for a child at that time. If you opt to go by bus, you just go outside and the ticket machine is to the left and right. The machine will let you choose the English language to buy the ticket, if you can’t read Japanese. Bus ride took us about 60-70 minutes to Osaka. Money changers can be found after you exit from the baggage claim area / customs.

Arrival Area in Kansai Airport

Arrival Area in Kansai Airport

The succeeding visit was via train because we stayed in Shinsaibashi area. It cost approximately ¥1,200 for adult and half of that amount for kids from Kansai to the station where we changed into the subway train towards our final destination (hotel). Deciding on your transportation really depends on where you will stay during your visit and your budget. Try to research and find out the easiest way to get to your hotel. We tend to look for the nearest train station to/from our hotel because of our luggage. Actually, it’s more of “choosing a hotel that is near the station”. It’s too much of a hassle to be carrying or pulling our baggage for miles. Note though that you have to be mindful with the train station stops. On the way back to the airport from Osaka, we missed the stop where we were supposed to change trains to go to Kansai Airport and ended up in some place where we have to wait for 15 minutes for another train to come by. Good thing, we had plenty of time and there’s no rush to catch our flight back home.That was the highlight of our trip then and unforgettable til now. Ha!ha!ha!

The station where we realized we are not on the way to the airport!

The station where we realized we were not on the way to the airport!

Fret not because it is very convenient to travel within Japan. Their transportation system is really good just like in Hong Kong, Singapore and London. The arrival time of the train or bus is almost always correct and down to the dot. I get so envious and wish that in my country our transportation system will improve and be at par to theirs. I guess it will happen in the future but will still take a very long time.

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