OZ on My Mind…

Probably in my sub-conscious I decided to name my site as The Traveling Kangaroo because I so badly want to go back to that place down under. One of my favorite destination is Sydney, Australia. I went there in 2001 because the hubby had a business trip and I decided to tag along. He worked while I explored. Isn’t it fantastic? 😉

Unfortunately at that time, we still don’t have a digital camera. I don’t even know if it was invented already at that time. Our photos were on film and developed. I don’t have the patience to scan it and so there will be no photos in this post that was taken by me. And besides, the photos are old and a lot changed over the years.

Since this is my online travel journal, I’d like to relive my visit to the land of the kangaroos eons ago. Aside from having our photos taken with the iconic Sydney Opera House as the background, we also went to Bondi Beach. I guess it’s a must when in Australia to visit this famous beach even if ours at home are much better. Don’t get me wrong, my country is home to some of the best beaches in the world. 🙂

A friend took us to dinner in one of the cafes in The Rocks. The steak and wine was superb! And the view was awesome. I also love Darling Harbour. I remembered just hanging out there eating, drinking and staring. You’ll probably wonder why? It’s because their shops closed at exactly 5 p.m. except on Thursdays. The city is a big one but surprisingly laid back. Of course, as in my previous post I couldn’t leave a country without shopping for something to bring home. So aside from Woolworth’s, I also went to Paddy’s Markets where I bought souvenirs and things to give away. I took the light rail and got off in front of the market. Even if I was alone the whole day because the hubby was working, I didn’t feel lonely and actually enjoyed exploring the city on my own. I can’t believe I wasn’t scared. Ha!ha!

I wish we could have stayed longer though. Maybe next time we can go back and explore Sydney with the kids. Probably go to Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Then include New Zealand too! I just wish it will happen soon. Let’s check if http://www.jetstar.com/ has promo fares. 🙂

Who knows? Maybe, my fairy godmother will bring me back to that awesome place down under in the very near future. It’s free to wish and to dream!


the traveling KANGaroo


Photo Credits to Wikipedia

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