Travel Safety…

With the recent airline disasters, I guess some of us are quite fearful to step on a plane. Our itchy feet probably just want to stay at home, relax and be safe. You tend to ponder on how safe it really is to travel. Be it by air or ship.

I feel so sorry for those innocent people who perished in this year’s airplane or ship disasters. May they all rest in peace. Nowadays it is quite safe to ride an airplane and it’s just so sad to hear air disasters when you turn on the television. Hearing bizarre events and especially where there’s no closure like airlines disappearing or senseless killing of innocent people is really depressing. Sometimes, I’d rather not watch the news. What I don’t know won’t hurt me.

But because we live in the crazy world of social media, one can’t help but be informed through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and etc. Sometimes you wish life is simpler. With no internet. Where people actually make an effort to connect and have some good ol’ conversation face to face instead of through Facetime, Skype or Viber. But then, technology does have it’s advantage and I’m sure you already know! 🙂

Anyway, I hope that this series of unfortunate events won’t deter those who love to explore. Traveling is still awesome, after all. What we need to do is probably to pray really hard for a safe trip be it air, sea or land. And Pray for World Peace!


the traveling KANGaroo

Flying the Friendly Skies…

Whenever there is a chance to travel, no one will probably say no to it unless the person has a fear of traveling (hodophobia) or fear of flying (Pteromerhanophobia). Nowadays a lot of people are exploring the world and beyond or dreaming about going around the world. I am one of them.. the dreamer! 🙂

Not totally a dreamer because I do travel from time to time as it has always been my favorite thing to do. Be it road trips around my country or flying from one destination to another. I just wish that I can do it all the time without thinking of the cost. Now, that’s the dreaming part.

So back in 2013 when our local carrier Philippine Airlines offered a very good deal to travel to London for only US$ 830 all-in and in business class, I wasn’t able to resist the temptation! I did not waste time and bought tickets for me and my travel buddy then worried about paying it later. LOL 😛 Good thing it was near to the time when Christmas bonuses were given so the worrying immediately ended with funds around the corner. 🙂 It was my “once in a blue moon” to travel in business class and it was totally worth it. Rich people probably take it for granted but for the ordinary, business or first class travel is definitely a treat!

I am one of those people who are constantly on a budget when traveling. I seek and find good deals whether it’s the airline, hotel or simply shopping for something that is usually under the “want” and not the “need” list. Although there are a lot of good airlines to choose from including budget ones, I still prefer to travel with our national carrier Philippine Airlines whether domestic or international (if they fly to my destination). It’s not because I’m being nationalistic but I just felt safer and it’s also a plus that they are the only airline in NAIA Terminal 2. Even if PAL’s meaning to some is “Plane Always Late”, it does not deter me from flying with them because they also offer good deals aside from their direct long haul flights. Check them out at:

Me and my family also travel using other airlines. Here’s some of those that we’ve used in the past:

1. Singapore Airlines – a bit pricey but the service is excellent. The leg room even in the economy section is good.

2. Cathay Pacific – friendly crew and food is good. They also offer promo fares sometimes. The drawback is that you have to spend a bit of lay over time in the airport (Hong Kong) like most other airlines that do not offer direct flights.

3. Virgin America – budget airline and it’s value for money when traveling in the US specifically LA to NY. I love the effects of the lights inside the cabin. It’s like I was in a club. 🙂 Plus you can just swipe your credit card to buy drinks! 🙂

4. Jetstar Airways – so many cheap fares. Nice for short flights like Manila to Osaka/Tokyo but for longer ones, I’ve no idea because they don’t have free food and what’s available for purchase is not so appetizing.

5. Cebu Pacific Air – there’s usually something for the common Juan (John) because this budget airline always have promo fares. If you are really good in seeking, you can get One Peso Fare (excluding fuel surcharge and tax). Just book for flights that does not fall on a weekend. But, I’ll probably refrain from using this airline for international travel because of a previous unfortunate incident that I encountered. It’s okay for domestic travel though.

6. Air Asia – budget airline that’s also quite good. I was able to fly with them going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it was okay.

Anyway, whatever airline or how you travel will depend on your preference and your budget. I do suggest reading about the airline’s history first before booking that flight. I’m a bit paranoid about safety and usually pray very hard for a safe flight everytime I’m in an airplane. Talk about paranoia. Ha!ha!ha!


the traveling KANGaroo