Bangkok Food Trip…

Food is essential to us and when you are in a foreign land, you either go out and eat their local food or stick to international fast food a.k.a. McDonald’s (Ha!Ha!). I am not normally adventurous (if I travel alone) when it comes to eating local food as I’m afraid I might get an upset stomach. But thanks to a colleague who recommended good places to eat, I was able to do so in Bangkok. From tom yum soup, Phad Thai, pineapple fried rice in restaurants or food halls to eating noodles in a hole in the wall kind of place. 

Some places around Siam Square you should try:

1. Inter Restaurant – they offer inexpensive but very good food. It’s not a high end resto but who cares if the food is really good? I tried the pineapple fried rice with stir fried shrimps. So yum! I actually finished the whole serving. Talk about gluttony!😄😝 Oh well, at less than 300 baht I had a Happy Tummy! My pictures are unedited and not photoshopped so pardon the mess! Get lost in translation though in this resto because the staff aren’t so good in speaking or communicating in English. Just point what you like! 😜

Address: 432/1-2 Siam Square 9, 10330, Bangkok, Thailand


Inter’s Pineapple Fried Rice

Stir Fried Shrimps


Chow time for a hungry person

Wiped out food = Happy Tummy!😋


2. See Fah – I tried the Shrimp Cake and Phad Thai and it’s really good. Too bad I can only eat one meal in this resto and can’t try everything but I’m sure the other food in the menu are all good. Especially if the place is well recommended. 😊 

Address: 434-440 Siam Square 9, Rama 1 Road, 10330 Bangkok, Thailand


See Fah Restaurant

Sample of See Fah’s Menu


Phad Thai

Shrimp Cake

3. White Flower Factory – the ambiance of the place alone was already worth it. Tried this with my colleague and the food did not disappoint!😋

Address: 4/F Siam Square One, Pathum Wan, Bangkok


Tom Yum Soup & Salad


Stif Fried Shrimps.. Forgot the name of the dish


4. Coffee Beans by Dao – if you’re taking a break from eating Thai food, this place offers western style food. And it’s delicious! I tried this place in Siam Paragon’s food hall located at the basement of the mall. 

Cute Food Menu at Coffee Beans by Dao

Sample of the menu


I tried their Carbonara and it’s good 😋

The desserts at this place is to die for. If only I can bring it all home I will. I just tried one of their best seller. Bought a slice and brought it back to the hotel to eat. 😅


Coffee Beans by Dao Cake


Vanilla Crepe Cake with Strawberry Sauce

What I haven’t tried in Siam Square area was the After You Cafe due to lack of time. But, it’s something to look forward to when I go back for a visit. Hopefully with family and for vacation!😄


After You Cafe

That’s all for now. The next post will be the food adventures outside Siam Square area. 😊 


the traveling KANGaroo 

Busy in Bangkok…

My first time to visit this vibrant city was during a High School educational trip. I can remember that it was a good experience and I had a great time. With visits to the temples, river cruise, dinner at a place with Thai dancers and of course, shopping. BUT, with the Teachers!👵🏼 Boy or Lady Boy, that was years ago!😝 A lot has changed. I don’t even think the hotel we stayed in still exist. And, traffic was bearable then. It was a time where mobile phones, internet or blogging does not exist. 😄 

A week ago was my second visit and this time it was for work. When you’re visiting another country and it’s not for vacation, it isn’t too fun. You have limited time to explore the city. You can only squeeze some sightseeing (whatever there is to see near your hotel) after work.  Luckily, my Thai colleague was nice enough to suggest places I should go, restaurants / cafes that I should try and shopping areas that I can go with my limited time. I was a bit scared to actually go out because of the recent bombings but my itchy feet got me walking and walking for miles even if it was drizzling or sometimes with a heavy downpour. I can’t believe I was so brave. But then come to think of it, there’s no reason to be afraid. I looked like a Thai. Some tourists actually asked me for directions. Ha!ha!ha!

*Tip: Blend in. Act like a local. If you look Asian! 

Night time around Central World


Rainy Night


I was lucky the company booked me in Novotel Hotel Siam Square which was near the shopping district. Siam Paragon was across the street with a lot of other malls nearby. The train station was 2 mins walk from the hotel and so I was never trapped in the famous Bangkok traffic when I went to and from the office. I was in such a great location if you don’t mind me saying so. 😊 Thanks to my boss who decided to booked me there, showed me how to commute using the trains and let me borrow her train cards for BTS & Airport link. LOL 

Novotel Hotel

Pardon me for my not so great looking photos. It’s all taken from my iPhone as I didn’t bring a “real” camera. After all, I was there for work and not for pleasure. 😜  


Siam Paragon


I’ve always liked commuting by train. And hotels near or walking distance to the train station is a good place to stay when visiting a city like Bangkok. Because the taxi fare is cheap, the trains are not crowded! So why waste precious time getting yourself stuck in traffic when you can go faster by train? I recommend you use this mode of transport when you visit Bangkok! Makes life easier. 


Sample of BTS Train Station


The train arrived on the dot.. 👍🏼


Train during rush hour..

Bangkok is a fun place. So many interesting places to see. People to watch. Food to eat. Things to shop. 

Posting more of my Bangkok “limited” escapades soon. Stay tuned!😘


the traveling KANGaroo


Hello, It’s been a long time..

Wow! Hello! It’s been a long time since my last post. Almost a year! Where did time go? Or where did I go? 😄 All I can say is that I was busy with my life. A pathetic excuse for not writing anything in this new age of technology at your fingertips. 😂 Sorry about that. 

While I was away, I realized that people actually visited my page. I saw the stats and all I can say is Thank You! Gracias! Merci! Salamat! for dropping by. 

Updates of my travels and other things I’m interested in is coming soon. For now, sit back, relax and enjoy your life like what I’m doing with mine. Ha!ha!ha! 😄😆😝


the traveling KANGaroo