Busy in Bangkok…

My first time to visit this vibrant city was during a High School educational trip. I can remember that it was a good experience and I had a great time. With visits to the temples, river cruise, dinner at a place with Thai dancers and of course, shopping. BUT, with the Teachers!👵🏼 Boy or Lady Boy, that was years ago!😝 A lot has changed. I don’t even think the hotel we stayed in still exist. And, traffic was bearable then. It was a time where mobile phones, internet or blogging does not exist. 😄 

A week ago was my second visit and this time it was for work. When you’re visiting another country and it’s not for vacation, it isn’t too fun. You have limited time to explore the city. You can only squeeze some sightseeing (whatever there is to see near your hotel) after work.  Luckily, my Thai colleague was nice enough to suggest places I should go, restaurants / cafes that I should try and shopping areas that I can go with my limited time. I was a bit scared to actually go out because of the recent bombings but my itchy feet got me walking and walking for miles even if it was drizzling or sometimes with a heavy downpour. I can’t believe I was so brave. But then come to think of it, there’s no reason to be afraid. I looked like a Thai. Some tourists actually asked me for directions. Ha!ha!ha!

*Tip: Blend in. Act like a local. If you look Asian! 

Night time around Central World


Rainy Night


I was lucky the company booked me in Novotel Hotel Siam Square which was near the shopping district. Siam Paragon was across the street with a lot of other malls nearby. The train station was 2 mins walk from the hotel and so I was never trapped in the famous Bangkok traffic when I went to and from the office. I was in such a great location if you don’t mind me saying so. 😊 Thanks to my boss who decided to booked me there, showed me how to commute using the trains and let me borrow her train cards for BTS & Airport link. LOL 

Novotel Hotel

Pardon me for my not so great looking photos. It’s all taken from my iPhone as I didn’t bring a “real” camera. After all, I was there for work and not for pleasure. 😜  


Siam Paragon


I’ve always liked commuting by train. And hotels near or walking distance to the train station is a good place to stay when visiting a city like Bangkok. Because the taxi fare is cheap, the trains are not crowded! So why waste precious time getting yourself stuck in traffic when you can go faster by train? I recommend you use this mode of transport when you visit Bangkok! Makes life easier. 


Sample of BTS Train Station


The train arrived on the dot.. 👍🏼


Train during rush hour..

Bangkok is a fun place. So many interesting places to see. People to watch. Food to eat. Things to shop. 

Posting more of my Bangkok “limited” escapades soon. Stay tuned!😘


the traveling KANGaroo


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