Even if I am not really an adventurous person I thank the heavens for giving me an itchy feet and a wanderlust soul. It doesn’t matter where and what but if an opportunity to travel and explore comes knocking at my door, I will let it in. It doesn’t matter if I will get lost in translation along the way. Or work hard to pay the travel bills. It’s the experience of finding something new that matters. Sometimes, we think that traveling is expensive and we have other important things to buy or spend our hard earned money with. But, life is so short and we are young only once. Once arthritis sets in, goodbye traveling!😯 

I don’t fancy exploring a place in a wheelchair or being the slowest in the walking department. Or worst, spending the day in the hotel because the mind says “yes, let’s explore” but the body says “no, I can’t walk anymore. I have trouble breathing”. That would be the saddest day of my life. 🙁 I’d rather stay home than travel someplace but with movement limitations.

Anyway, I totally agree with this post I found in social media. It’s true that we should travel while we still can. That is, young and healthy. Remember, time flies so fast. Our kids grow up too fast. Some people are too busy getting themselves rich like Bill Gates that they forget life is a journey and not a race. 😊 Sometimes, we are focused on getting rich and successful that we forget to nurture relationships, get married and have a family.  

Traveling is more fun with family or with friends. All the money in the world can’t buy good and happy memories. I’m not saying we shouldn’t save up and just splurge til kingdom come. We should all practice work life balance. Save money in the bank for rainy days but do not forget to save also in the MB a.k.a. Memories Bank. Remember, we can’t bring all the money in the world when we die. Steve Jobs definitely left his millions here on earth. And besides when we die rich, the people left behind will splurge the riches. So why not splurge it with them and deposit some more good and fun times in the MB? 😄

So folks? Let’s all have fun and enjoy life while we still can! 😉 Rock & Roll to the world and beyond…🎶


the traveling KANGaroo

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