Talk about being A Fan…

Let me veer away for a while from travel posts and instead write about something that most of us experienced once, twice or many many times in our lifetime. Have you ever admired a famous person and became a fan? The answer to the question is probably a “yes” for most people. Did you ever consider yourself a die hard fan? How do you actually measure the extent of the admiration of a fan. Some fans can get real creepy with their obsession for the celebrity. I wonder how it is to be a normal and cool fan. Or is there such a person? 😄 

Last night was a night that I will never forget unless I have Alzheimer’s. After waiting for months, Madonna the Queen of Pop finally landed in Manila for a two day concert entitled Rebel Heart. My favorite rebel heart came to town. My childhood idol. From cassette tapes, CD’s and now iTunes and Spotify her music made me happy. From Like A Virgin to Living for Love songs, her music lives on.


Madonna in Manila


But first, let me reminisce what happened prior to this “once in a lifetime” event. Last year it was announced she will finally have a World Tour again and this time Southeast Asia countries will be included and one of them is the Philippines! Imagine my excitement?😍 I am a fan since elementary days and that’s what? 30 years ago? I couldn’t wait to grab a ticket. 

Imagine my dismay upon knowing of the ticket prices. Hopes of being near Madonna was gone with the wind. The most expensive ticket can pay for one college term of my eldest child! But then never mind (I thought to myself), I can afford the upperbox ticket. So when the online preselling day came, I was infront of the computer desperately trying to get me and my friends tickets to the concert. But, the cruelty of the Internet connection or was it the website crashing numerous times helped in adding further to my disappointment. No tickets purchased online and therefore there was no choice but to line up at the ticket office on the official selling date which I really didn’t like to do. Anyway, because I am a fan I woke up early and lined up in the nearest mall to get tickets. It took one hour of waiting and when it was my turn to buy, upper box tickets were sold out. At that time, there was no second day concert announcement yet. I was desperate and asked if there were General Admission tickets left. Finally, was able to secure tickets after my concert buddies confirmed that they are okay even if the seats were at the very end of the arena and Madonna will look like an ant only! They said its the experience and the music that matters. Yes!😄


Madonna’s Rebel Heart Concert Ticket


After months of waiting and numerous countdowns, the day finally arrived. My concert buddies and I were kidding that we don’t need to get ourselves prettier than we already are because no one can see us up there in the Gen Ad location. 😂 But, the Heavens probably took pity. The mother of surprises a.k.a. SM Tickets called at 2 p.m. to tell us they will transfer us in a different section because there was a problem with our seats. Lighting problems, I think and the production crew need people to vacate. Guess what? We were upgraded to Lower Box! 😄 And from the mere 3K seats, we got upgraded to 29K seats with a good vantage view. I can’t scream enough nor jump up and down with glee like crazy!

We were so excited. We got a good parking space near the venue. Had a good dinner before the event. Patiently or was it impatiently waited two and a half hours for Madonna to start the show. 😳 Was already sleepy when the lights suddenly dimmed and the show finally started. The sleepiness went out and we were instantly ready to party with the Queen! She didn’t disappoint. We had a blast! We were shocked with some parts of the show but shakes it off in the name of art and entertainment. 😄

I will always be a FAN because it’s FUN!!!


From the Unapologetic Bitch

We went home in the wee hours of the morning “happily” tired and with a sore throat from too much screaming. But I had memories of the concert on my phone since I took some videos and photos. It will last me a lifetime already. 😊 Thank you, Madonna for coming to Manila. You made a lot of your fans happy!!!


the traveling KANGaroo

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