Mt. Rokko Snow Park…

Because it was winter time when we visited Osaka in Japan, we thought of going to a nearby place where we can see snow. And the nearest one was Rokkosan Snow Park ( in Mt. Rokko, Kobe. However, much to our disappointment there wasn’t really a lot of ‘fresh’ snow in sight. Rather, what we saw was man-made or “fake” snow. 😂 Maybe winter time came late in 2015 or Queen Elsa was probably still sleeping otherwise we would have been “frozen” to the bones. Kidding aside, it was a snow park and they didn’t advertise that you can find fresh snow there. And besides, if we really wanted to go snow skiing, we should have made travel plans to Sapporo where fresh snow is abundant. We definitely are not snow skiers so Rokkosan Snow Park will do. 

IMG_6154 rokkopark

Rokkosan Snow Park Entrance

IMG_6121 rokko snow park

Ski Slopes

IMG_6124 rokko snowpark1

Man-made Snow

We still had fun though with what the small snow park had to offer. The coldness in the mountain was different. The thermal wear, bonnet and mask helped a lot to fight the freezing temperature. The kids had fun snow sledding. So who are we to complain? Mission accomplished. Too bad, we arrived late and so there was limited time to build a snowman, sledding and no time to learn how to ski. The area closed at 5:00 pm except for the ski slopes. Probably if there’s a blizzard up in the mountains, the snow park will be awesome if blanketed with snow all around. 

IMG_6067-rokko cable

Rokko Cable Car Station

If you decide to check the place out and visit,  our route was via train from Osaka to Rokko station. Then we took the bus towards Rokko Cable Car station. We paid for the park’s entrance fee at the cable station which included the to and fro cable car ride and bus ride when you get to the top. We didn’t stay long in the area because we had to travel back to Osaka which took a lot of time with the normal train ride. If you are press for time then better take the 10 minute Shinkansen ride from Osaka to Kobe.


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