Food Trips in Bangkok…

There’s probably no better way to experience a place than being with a local. Aside from the places to see, it’s always the food trips that will probably leave a lasting image in your mind. 😄

Most tourists eat in food places that they know of or if popular in the city. There are people who are adventurous and will try anything. But, there are more people who are cautious when it comes to food. 

I was with a colleague and was introduced to some local food places in Bangkok. Most if not all of them I really liked.

Thai Crispy Omelette

It was my first time to try Crispy Omelette and it cost THB 140 total with Thai Iced Tea. So delightfully cheap and a must try. 😋

Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea

Crispy Omelette

Midway to finishing the Crispy Omelette

Just like any other country, Thailand have local dishes from the North & South. Some have the influence from their neighbors like Laos or Cambodia. There are popular local restaurants that visitors will not be able to go unless you have a Thai friend. 😄 Getting there itself is probably mind boggling since the name of the restaurant is in Thai and I’m sorry to say but I didn’t get the address!😁 If you can decipher the Thai script then you can probably go and visit. The places are usually in a neighborhood. Some are old houses converted to restaurants or cafes. Some have authentic taste than others but all are definitely good!

Thai Restaurant

Thai Restaurant serving Northern food

Thai Salad

Delicious Thai Salad

Som Tam

Som Tam

Fried Chicken Wings & Soup

Fried Chicken Wings & Soup

Spicy from the soup to the salad but very good. Southeast Asia does have some of the best food on earth. Cheap, healthy and delicious! 😄

Butterfly Pea Drink

Butterfly Pea Drink

Butterfly Pea Drink

A must try.. Butterfly Pea Drink

I’m not an adventurous human being when it comes to food. Most of the time I am hesitant to try something new for my taste buds. I’m afraid it won’t sit still in my tummy. Afraid if I ate something out of the ordinary, I will get a stomach ache and get sick. But sometimes I also think YOLO (you only live once) and will try something new. 

I’ve never eaten goose in my whole life until a Bangkok trip came. We went to a restaurant near the office that my colleague said existed for 40 years or more. The stewed goose is a must try according to them. 😅

Chua Kim Heng Goose Stewed

Chua Kim Heng Goose Stewed

Cold Tea

Unlimited Cold Tea for free

Stewed Goose & Hainanese Chicken

Stewed Goose (brown one to the left) & Hainanese Chicken

The goose was surprisingly good. Although I’d rather have the Hainanese chicken anytime of the day. Ha!ha!ha! The food is cheap at THB 325 for the goose & chicken with rice. There was free soup and unlimited cold tea. 

Thai Snacks

Thai Snacks Food Stall

If you see this food stall selling Thai snacks, don’t hesitate to get some yummy goodness for only THB 10. 

Thai people love their desserts. After You Cafe is popular as well as Coffee Bean by Dao. But I like Bangwan Sweet Station too. 

Bangwan Sweet Station

Bangwan Sweet Station

Pandan Kaya Toast

Pandan Kaya Toast is a must have!

Iced Tea

Just an Iced Tea

I loved the Pandan Kaya Toast so much that I brought a couple of bottles of Pandan Kaya home. One for me and one to give away. They sell it for THB 40 but have to be consumed within 5 days. 

Most food courts have delicious offerings at an affordable price. Don’t hesitate to try. From Phad Thai to Tom Yum to Som Tam, they have it there. 

Food Stall

Stall in a Food Court

Thai Food

Eat your veggies in Thailand!

They have some good noodles in Bangkok too. I had flat noodles and it was very good and so cheap at around THB 50. They have a name for it but I forgot. 😂

Thai Noodles

Thai Noodles with Beef

Thai Menu Board

Thai Menu Board

Delicious Pandan Coconut Sweets

Delicious Pandan Coconut Sweets

What I learned with my food trips in Bangkok was to just go with the flow, trust my colleague and enjoy the food.😄 There are definitely more dishes to taste and places to discover. Those will be for another time. 


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