The Love Month…

Time really flies so fast! We just celebrated Christmas and New Year not so long ago and here we are now in the month of love and romance. ❤️ 

February is probably the most “costly or expensive” month after December. Most especially for the men. 😄 This is the month when flowers have sky rocket high prices!😂 When restaurants are fully booked as well as the hotels and motels! 🤣 

Some say that Valentine’s Day is overrated. I don’t agree. Because we do need to celebrate love. It could be grand or simple but dating and spending time with your loved one on Valentine’s Day and rekindling the feelings you have for each other amid the chaos of one’s busy life is priceless. It’s a good time to remember why you fell in love in the first place. 💖 Kudos to those men who still spend so much money on flowers, chocolates and gifts. Even hardened and jaded women will probably turn soft as marshmallows to receive a flower or bouquet of flowers. Flowers and chocolates after all, never goes out of style!😍 

So, let me greet you dear readers a Happy Valentine’s Day! 💐💖 May your day be extra special with your loved one… If you don’t have one yet, don’t despair. He or she is probably searching for you and haven’t found you yet! 😄 So open your eyes and heart to endless possibilities.

To the single ladies out there, here’s something for you!😜 

Who needs a Valentine when you’re wearing a Valentino? 😄😂😜

Enjoy your celebration of love. ❤️ Til next time…


the traveling KANGaroo