It’s a New Year. A Leap Year. Year of the Rat.

January is almost over and what an eventful month it was. From the Australian bush fire to the Taal Volcano eruption with matching earthquakes, to conflicts and disaster in the Middle East, we can say that the year entered with a big bang! And now the most scary thing that happened in January is the on going NCoV epidemic in China which spread to other countries including my own.

Traveling nowadays is a challenge. I wonder if this NCoV scare will go on for months. Hopefully it won’t and the virus will die a natural death. I’m concerned because I do have upcoming trips in April, July and December. Air tickets were paid for already. Events tickets were bought and paid for. It would be a major hassle if this epidemic will go on.

I’m a bit sorry for being lazy. I did not update this blog for quite sometime. And I traveled a lot in the last few months of 2019 so I should have been sharing more. Had a few footprints left in Tokyo, Japan in September. Followed by a lot of footprints left in Madrid, Seville, Granada and Barcelona, Spain last October. Went for a day trip in Tangier, Morocco. Enjoyed an overnight stay in Singapore in November to watch a U2 concert. And had a super fun time in Cebu, Philippines after Christmas with family!

I hope to write about my escapades soon. In the meantime, I wish all my readers a happy leap year. Stay safe and be healthy!


the traveling KANGaroo

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