A Different Journey…

We were on a different kind of journey ever since the pandemic happened last year. Our lives were disrupted and it seems the end of the tunnel is still so far away. In my part of the world, the vaccination is pretty slow due to limited supply. And the virus is mutating like crazy. Thus, the journey back to our pre-pandemic life is so distant. How many back to square one have we had in the past few months? People are going crazy with the on and off lockdowns.☹️ It’s terrible but what can we do if we want to live another day? Do we blame the government? I really don’t think we can or we should. In my view, every nation in this planet is doing their best to protect their people as well as ensuring their economy will still thrive. It’s terrible to see so many sufferings all around you that you just wish sometimes that it’s just a bad dream.

I envy people who still go out and about trying their best to have a normal life. Friends are traveling and don’t mind the extra things necessary to travel like getting a swab test, quarantining and doing the paperworks. Although no one’s stopping me, I’m just probably a lazy person. A scaredy cat too. I just don’t want to trouble myself with those things aside from being scared of contracting the virus. Mind you, I am fully vaccinated but still scared to leave the house (lol). And now, with the Delta variant, I am definitely staying inside my cave. Early this month, I lost a college classmate and today another one informed me her father died due to covid. One sad news after another.😔

I had my gardening and cooking journey in the past few months. I love it especially gardening. Because of it, I want a farm where I can grow fruit trees, veggies and maybe have some animals too. Big dreams but sometimes dreams do come true! But, I still hope and pray I can have another journey soon which I truly love and that’s visiting places, old and new. Traveling without the need for a swab test and quarantine at the destination and when I arrive home. That would be the perfect scenario. I don’t mind wearing a mask but without the face shield please (lol). I want to visit the places I saw on Netflix shows. I specifically love Joanna Lumleys travel adventures. If you haven’t watched it yet, please do so. You’ll enjoy it!


the traveling KANGaroo

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