Trek in Masungi…

Our trek to Masungi Georeserve finally pushed through on the last weekend of November. It was originally scheduled in July but we had to cancel due to bad weather. However, we still experienced it during our trek albeit in the early part. It was raining but fortunately not the torrential or monsoon kind of rain. I was afraid at first because it might be too slippery and hard to walk. We chose the Discovery Trail and to my surprise it is very nice. You just have to be careful walking the path when its raining because it can be slippery in some parts. It is probably nice as well walking in full sunshine because of the canopy of trees that will shield you from the heat. The area is well maintained and because we are still in a pandemic, wearing of mask and sanitising after every activity is a must. Wearing of the issued helmet is also recommended at all times. I know it’s hard to wear a mask during a trek but if you are with your family bubble and all are fully vaccinated, you can request the forest ranger if you can sometimes remove the mask to be more comfortable especially during an uphill climb. Our guide allowed it but he never took off his!

I enjoyed this trek a lot even if I had to catch my breath multiple times. I am not a very fit person and practiced a sedentary kind of living where exercise is an on and off thing. But, I must say that Masungi is a must visit and any adult or teenager can do the trek easily. It’s a rocky place with a lot of bending down to pass an area. Be mindful that you don’t hit your head on a protruding rock. So, don’t ever take off the helmet. It will save you from head injury in case you bump into something which a companion did so many times. A problem maybe of tall people (lol). Surprisingly, I was able to do the rope climbing with ease and was not afraid of the heights.

It was a blessing in disguise it rained for a bit because our time slot was 10 a.m. and it can get so hot. They will provide a rain poncho so don’t worry if you forget to bring rain protective gear. Just don’t forget to bring extra clothes though. There’s a locker where you can leave your things as well if you don’t want to carry it during the trek. During the overview you will be instructed on what to and what not to do during the hike. Simply put, it’s a very civilized hike that you will experience (lol)! Sharing some photos of our trek below.

I must say it’s all worth it and a must try! If you wish to visit this place you can go to their website at to book a slot. There’s an entrance fee that will partly help with the upkeep and in their conservation efforts. It’s 2,700 hectares that they are protecting from illegal loggers, settlers etc. We can help save the area by visiting or maybe donating if you don’t want to do the trail hike. It’s amazing to see the tiniest snail that I have ever seen in my entire life. If you don’t have your reading glasses, you’ll miss it.

Masungi is located in Km. 47 Baras, Rizal which is in the eastern part of Metro Manila. It’s about 1.5 hours by car from our place in Parañaque City via SLEX, C5 towards Marikina-Infanta or Marcos Highway. The trek takes about 4 hours but in our case it’s a little more than that because we enjoyed it a lot and stayed in some parts just basking in the view and nature plus taking a lot of instagramable photos (lol)!


1. Although a light snack at the end of the trail is provided, it’s a long way to go before you get there. Therefore, eat a full meal before you start the hike or bring food in your bag and water as it’s a long activity. Just make sure there’s no trash left behind.

2. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear. Bring a light pocketable parka as well in case it will rain or just to keep you warm at the top as it can be windy and cold.

3. Lastly, bring your adventurous spirit and enjoy the place.

I am definitely planning to go back and do it again with the family. Hope to try the Legacy Trail as well.


the traveling KANGaroo

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