Throwback Thursday … Changwon, South Korea

Because I just watched a KPop concert last weekend with my little one,  I thought of writing about my trip to Changwon, South Korea late last year. I must not end January without writing anything.. Again!😁 

Changwon is a nice laid back city in the southern part of South Korea. With Busan a few minutes away, this city is probably not a major tourist destination yet. If it was not because of the hubby’s conference there, I won’t even know this place and probably never bother to go and visit nor put it in my bucket list. Seriously, I have never dreamed of going to South Korea. This trip was just one of those that I did because I get to stay for free in a hotel and my airfare was 50% off. 😄😝

But, Changwon has it’s own charm in a provincial kind of way. I did enjoy my 2 days stay there. Not only because they had the Great Korean Sale but the relaxed vibe was there. There was no need to rush from one place to another to get to as many places as you can. I did a lot of walking because the weather was nice. The miles of walking around the city was definitely good for my health and soul. I loved doing it because my normal day is sitting in front of a laptop. The result of a 9-5 job with no time to exercise or probably too lazy to exercise! 😜


I was quite happy the business hotel we stayed in was very near the shopping area. The E-Mart and Lotte Departent Store was a 3 minute walk away. 👍🏼


As you can see, there weren’t a lot of people walking the streets. This place reminds me of the tv show “Wayward Pines”. Changwon apparently was developed as a back up capital to Seoul in case of war. One stretch of street was designed to that it can be converted to a runway for airplanes to land!🤔 I just don’t know what street it was. 


I admire Koreans. They love their own product. Everywhere I looked, most of  the cars were Kia and Hyundai!😄 

Lastly, when in Korea -> Eat in my fave Lotteria! 😋😄


 The next post will be my shopping adventures in Changwon City!😅.. Til then.


the traveling KANGaroo