Kampai to the Year 2017…

First, let me greet everyone (virtual visitors and friends) a Happy New Year! May all your aspirations for 2017 come true and abundant blessings bestowed to you and your family.

It’s now two years in a row that I welcomed the New Year in Japan. Last year, we were in Osaka and now in Tokyo. It’s dreadfully cold but I don’t mind even if I had colds and my nose became dry. Moisturizer was a big help but still it’s painful when you wipe your nose!😂 Celebrations in Japan to welcome the New Year is totally different from my home country. It’s quiet at midnight! 😄 

To see a fireworks display we had to go to Odaiba area. The show started at 7 pm on Dec 31 (New Year’s Eve) and lasted for 10 mins. It was cool as there was even a Hello Kitty figure up in the sky. Too bad wasn’t able to capture it! 

Fireworks at Decks in Odaiba

The giant Gundam is still in Diver City until March 2017 but since we had a photo taken on our previous trip, we didn’t bother to pose again. Shops closed early and at 9 pm we were on our way home to our rented Airbnb apartment (www.airbnb.com)  in Bunkyo area. 

I know I should write more about the recent trip/s but I got so tired from the cardio exercise a.k.a. walking that I think I will have to bid adieu for now. See you again soon when I post my Macau & Tokyo escapades!


the traveling KANGaroo

Tokyo DisneySea…

If you plan to visit Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea, I suggest you purchase your tickets online. It will save you a lot of time and is highly recommended as there’s always a long line at the ticket booth. If you are not yet sure and you decide to go there when you are already in Tokyo, it’s not a problem. Most hotels has a computer at the lobby and a printer that you can use for a minimal fee or maybe free for some. Unless you’re there for business and you have a laptop with you then you can do it in the comfort of your hotel room. 🙂

Here’s the website: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/tds/

 The most expensive train ride we’ve probably taken is at Tokyo DisneySea at 260 yen per person. You’ll know why when you’re there. 🙂

The  kids preferred to visit DisneySea instead of Disneyland because they said that we can only find it in Tokyo. They’ve been to Disneyland before but in another country. It was a good choice because they had a blast! Don’t forget to ride the Journey to the Center of the Earth and remember to get your Fast Pass for rides that has one. Indiana Jones is another favorite as well as the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I also liked the StormRider because it’s interesting and if you live in a place where there’s always a typhoon or storm, you’ll enjoy it.

Sharing some photos of our visit below.


Spring Voyage 2014 at Tokyo Disneysea

Spring Voyage 2014 at Tokyo Disneysea

Inside Tokyo's DisneySea

Inside Tokyo DisneySea

The mountain where you will be spewed out when you take the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride

The mountain where you will be spewed out when you take the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride

DisneySea Journey

A must “ride” of your life! LOL

20,000 League of Men Ride

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride

My favorite ride in every Disney theme park I've been to

My favorite ride in every Disney theme park I’ve been to

Don't forget to get a fast pass!

Don’t forget to get a fast pass!


View inside DisneySea

DisneySea Scene

DisneySea Scene. Quite unique actually, if you know what I mean. Kawaii! 😉

DisneySea Gondola

You can even ride their version of the Gondola

Sunset in DisneySea

Sunset in DisneySea

We were very lucky that during our visit the weather cooperated and it was a very fine day! Tickets to the theme park don’t come cheap. And food inside is expensive. But, if the family enjoyed the day bonding and sharing the same fun and scary moments during the rides then I can say it truly was worth it.


the traveling KANGaroo